Lifeguards, Attendants, and Porters

SEVEN WELLS POOL MANAGEMENT LIFEGUARDS ARE TRAINED ACCORDING TO RED CROSS PROTOCOLS. WE ENSURE THAT YOUR POOL IS STAFFED AS CONTRACTED TO MEET ALL SAFETY AND LIABILITY REQUIREMENTS. Lifeguards are alert at their station and in a uniform that identifies them as “on-duty” with rescue equipment strapped on. While on duty, they are “rescue ready” at all times. To maintain certifications, our lifeguards complete in-service training modules throughout the summer. Constant scanning for and recognition of distressed swimmers are essential skills. Our lifeguards protect your pool patrons with the “10/20 Protection Rule”. This is 10 seconds scanning their “Zone of Protection” to identify a distressed swimmer with 20 seconds to rescue that victim. Early recognition and rapid reaction is critical for a successful rescue.